24-Hour Emergency Dentistry


WNY’s First, Only, and Probably the Last Dentist to offer 24/7 emergency dental care for this area.

From regular maintenance and cleaning to tooth extractions, fillings, and emergency tooth recovery, Country Dentistry serves the Greater Buffalo Area from Hamburg, NY

If you are a regular patient to a general dentist, I highly recommend that you contact their office first before calling Country Dentistry. Your dentist, legally, is responsible for your dental care, which also includes any dental emergency that you may encounter.


Due to the increase in Covid 19 cases here in Erie County, dental emergency services for individuals NOT of record at Country Dentistry shall be suspended until further notice. Only regular patients of this office will be seen for emergency treatment only until the pandemic levels off and comes under control. Remember to be social distancing and wear your mask when out and about being in contact with others. Thank you for your understanding during these hard times.

Before calling, please be sure to read the conditions on the emergencies page.

Dr. Scott will retire in