Brian N.

I couldn’t make it through the weekend to my appointment with my regular dentist but good news… the emergency toothache treated by Dr. Scott on a Sunday morning at 7am was a success. The work to assess the problem, remove the decay and fill the filling brought immediate relief and was verified by my primary dentist the following week. It’s been 3 weeks now and I have not had any issues at all. I favorably recommend Dr Scott.

Laurence T.

High marks go to Dr. Neil. While visiting family and friends this past weekend I developed a growing and painful tooth ache. The pain grew to the extent that I had to find a dentist and here it was Saturday afternoon. My Internet search for “emergency dentist in WNY” zeroed in on Country Dentistry. I called the number and Dr. Neil was able to see me later that afternoon. After a short examination and x-rays, it was determined the problem was an abscessed molar which required removal. The procedure went quite smooth and was completed with little pain or discomfort. Dr. Neil listened, analyzed, diagnosed and performed efficiently. I live in North Carolina but was so pleased with the outcome that I plan to ask Dr. Neil to become my regular dentist. It helps that I fly for free.

Lisa G., North Collins

Called last night, he got me in right away, I needed to have a tooth extracted and the dentist was so kind and Gentle and listened to me when I needed a break or needed to be numbed up again. The cost was very affordable for it having been an emergency at 10:30 at night. I would highly recommend this dental practice to everyone. He even walked us out to my truck and helped us back out of his driveway. Very friendly, prompt service, overall a good place to go.

Darren S.,  Lockport, NY

I had a bad tooth that was causing me a lot of pain. Fortunately, I found Country Dentistry online. I was surprised when Dr. Neil answered my call and took me right in. His care and manner is excellent and the cost for my treatment was very affordable to say the least.

I have since gone back for more care and I Highly recommend Country Dentistry.

Joan M.

2014-08-26 151546Thank you for seeing me promptly when I called you in April 2014. Thank you for taking all the right steps to alleviate and remove the problem. Thank you for saving my life. Without going through the many details of the dentistry steps you took, I will just stick to the major point. By the grace of God, I found out about you as a dentist and called you. A tooth was giving me so much pain because of the abscess that my blood pressure had soared. This I found out when you checked out my dental situation in your office. Thank you for your expert dental work and care. Very sincerely appreciated.

Jessica R., North Tonawanda, NY

I have had 2 emergencies where I needed immediate dental help. I researched online and found Dr. Scott. He met me once on a weekend night, and one time at 2 AM.

I don’t know what I would have done without him, he was a life saver. There is nothing worse than mouth pain, and sometimes you just cant wait till normal business hours for your regular dentist to open. He has been nothing but helpful, and I have made him my primary dentist because he is so reliable. I have recommended him to various family members and friends. Dr. Scott’s services are extremely helpful and I cannot recommend him enough.